OceanMind at Future Decoded

On the 1st and 2nd of October 2019, Nick Wise, OceanMind CEO joined Lucas Joppa, Microsoft Chief Environment Officer, on stage during the opening keynote of Future Decoded at the ExCel in London.

This video is the showcase created in partnership with Microsoft to highlight our work with governments and the seafood industry, and to explain how satellites and AI can help protect the world’s oceans.

Click here to see the whole Future Decoded keynote.

Can conservation save our ocean?

In this Economist video, they look at ocean health issues including overfishing, pollution and climate change. Maintaining rich, diverse ecosystems is key for the health of the ocean – and ultimately the survival of humanity. Fisheries regulations are key to preventing overfishing and preserving biodiversity, and one element of this is to establish marine protected areas. 

The Economist filmed OceanMind at work supporting governments with the enforcement of their fisheries regulations against both foreign and domestic vessels. In Thailand we see OceanMind working with government officials to enforce Port State Measures, an international treaty designed to prevent IUU fishing.

Why are West Africa’s fish disappearing?

The BBC investigates illegal and unsustainable fishing off the west coast of Africa to find out how one of the most fertile ecosystems on earth has been pushed to the brink.  OceanMind provides intelligence to help direct patrol assets and interdict illegal fishing.  See our Senior Fisheries Analyst, Natalie Tellwright, in action in this video.  Vessel tracking information, satellite optical imagery and radar are used to locate suspected non-compliant pair trawling.

Who Are OceanMind?

OceanMind empowers enforcement and compliance to protect the world’s oceans.  We are a team of passionate fisheries and technology experts who are committed to making a change in the world.  Meet the team and see what we do in this introductory film.