Port State Measures Implementation

OceanMind provides support across all aspects of Port State Measures implementation, from planning, to pre-arrival analysis and risk assessments, to port inspections and offloading controls. We help bring together government and seafood industry stakeholders to work together to prevent IUU seafood entering the supply chain.

IUU fishers rely on a range of tactics and loopholes in international law to get their product to the market. Port States bear the highest burden to identify, prevent and deter IUU product from landing and being unloaded, often with limited capacity and resources. OceanMind helps your team lighten this burden with in-depth analysis and investigation support for all arrivals, as well as through training and mentoring to share best practices and help develop clear and practical processes.

Our services include:

  • National strategy and planning for Port State Measures implementation
  • Capacity building and training for managers, officers and inspectors
  • Analysis of notified pre-arrivals, including detailed compliance assessment
  • Identification of unauthorised arrivals
  • Customised and automated analysis tools
  • Integration with traceability systems



Case Study: Thai PSM Implementation

Every year, approximately 400 foreign-flagged vessels make bulk deliveries of fish product into Thai ports.  Before they are permitted to enter port and unload, analyses and investigations are undertaken; not only for each vessel coming into port, but for each and every vessel that engaged with it while at sea, to corroborate the provided documentation and check for regulatory compliance.

Since 2017, OceanMind has provided the Thai government with detailed analysis and risk assessments for all foreign carrier vessels and all associated donor vessels for the entire voyage prior to arriving into Thai ports to support their decision making process.

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“OceanMind has provided professional and excellent support on PSM implementation in Thailand and has been key for us getting the Green Card.”

Mr Thira Rodchevid

Leader of Thailand Port State Measures Team, Royal Thai Government, Department of Fisheries