Seafood Supply Chain

OceanMind supports all levels of the seafood supply chain, from harvest, through processing, to retail and consumption.  Our expert fisheries analysts help you understand the risks posed by fishing activities in your supplier base, and how to effectively manage them.

Our services include:

  • Responsible sourcing policy development and review
  • Due-diligence process design and implementation to prevent IUU and slave labour in your supply chain (BSI PAS 1550:2017) and to comply with EU Regulation 1005/2008
  • Independent third-party validation of traceability claims and catch compliance, including fishing methods (e.g. FAD vs FAD-free), and PSMA compliance
  • Sustainability reviews and action plans (FIP effectiveness, MSC and CAB support)  



Case Study: Sainsbury's Fishing Method Verification

OceanMind is working with Sainsbury’s to independently analyse and confirm tracks of fishing vessels that supply the retailer with FAD free tuna. This provides validation that FAD free fishing is taking place through the analysis of where the vessel positions itself in accordance to FAD satellite positions, as well as monitoring fishing behaviour.

FAD free fishing is a technique that does not use Fishing Aggregation Devices (known as FADs). While FADs enable fisheries to catch lots of fish quickly, they can also attract a range of other marine life which can lead to them being caught in the bycatch. This allows Sainsbury’s to offer their customers a responsibly caught source of tuna.

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“We want to be sure that we have absolute traceability to the point of capture for all the fish we sell. As such, we’ve commissioned independent monitoring services from OceanMind, including analysis of data sets relating to, for example, vessel licensing, fishing methods and quota. By doing this, we will significantly improve our traceability systems and deliver transparency and assurance, as well as doing our bit to protect fisheries and the environment.”

Judith Batchelar

Director, Sainsbury’s Brand